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About Mükyen Law

  Mükyen Law is an independent law firm based in Istanbul, Turkey that specializes in traditional law fields, as well as in the innovative fields of law with the digitalized world. These specialization studies are always carried out within the framework of professional and ethical principles.

  Having a visionary perspective, Mükyen Law provides qualified representation by reinforcing its local and international experiences with expertise. Our office is advancing on three basic principles such as basic areas of law, innovation and being global. Our expertise built on these principles are as follows;

  Construction Law, Real Estate Law, CMB Law, FinTech Law, IT Law, Criminal Law, Foreigners Law, Labor Law, Corporate Law, Start-up Law, E-Commerce Law, E-Sports Law, Sports Law, Energy Law, Family Law, Inheritance Law, Law of Obligations, Tax Law , Maritime Law, Competition Law, Law of Contracts, Artificial Intelligence Law and International Law

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Our Main Fields of Activity

Mükyen Law Firm, with its expert lawyers, represents you in all your legal disputes. You can examine the main areas of work of our lawyers below.

Corporate Law | Mükyen Law

Corporate Law

Corporate Law is a field of law that covers the rules regarding the establishment, mergers, demergers, and acquisitions of corporations, change of the corporation type, and the liquidation of the companies, and regulates the legal relations related to corporations. It is the most significant sub-branch of Commercial Law.

Foreigners Law | Mükyen Law

Foreigners Law

Foreigners of law is a branch of law that investigate the topic which law will be implemented the foreign national who comes to Republic of Turkey and how to determine the competent court in disputes that may arise. It has an area from to the foreign national acquire citizenship to his succession which law will be enforced.

Real Estate Law | Mükyen Law

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law arises in disputes related to real estate ownership. The Turkish Civil Code regulates; The concept of ownership, real rights other than ownership, right of servitudes, immovable burden, immovable pledge, possession and land registry.

Labour Law | Mükyen Law

Labour Law

Labour law regulates the relationship between employee and employer within labour law and the other related codes. Labour law; relationship between employee and employer, business contracts, the rights and obligations of the employee and employer, working hours and permissions,unions,collective agreement, mediation, strike and lockout, it includes to a mediation and after than to the court in case of collective rights violations.

Criminal Law | Mükyen Law

Criminal Law

Criminal law is branch of law that arrange to the individual crimes and related enforcement.The aim of this branch is avoid committing a crime to protect individual rights,public order and rule of law within context of crimes. It is divide into three; general criminal law,penal procedure law,execution law

IT Law | Mükyen Law

IT Law

IT law is a branch of law that deals with the sharing of digital information. It is closely related to other areas of law such as Criminal Law, Internet and Social Media Law, Cyber Security Law, Personal Data Protection Law, Copyright Law, Consumer Law, E-commerce Law and Electronic Communications Law.

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