Mükyen Law aims to provide added value to its clients in business life with its business discipline and regular business follow-up, and aims at sustainable success with the right values, working culture and professional principles. Qualified representation and the satisfaction of our clients are essential elements for us. Mükyen Law attaches importance to specialization in line with its innovative legal solutions approach. As a result of this specialization, different specializations in different fields can get direct results.

  Within the scope of this specialization trend, Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Labor Law, IT Law, Energy Law, E-Commerce Law, Contracts Law, Administrative Law, Real Estate Law, Inheritance Law, Law of Obligations, Family Law, Financial Technologies Law (FinTech), International Law, Maritime Law We carry out activities for the resolution of legal disputes with our wide range of expertise, such as Commercial and Competition Law, and get direct results. Mükyen Law provides consultancy and advocacy services for domestic and foreign capital companies and individuals in matters that require expertise, both through local law office representations in many provinces of Istanbul (Turkey), London (UK) and through stakeholder law offices in the international arena.

  It successfully carries out the legal representation of corporate companies, mainly in all provinces of Turkey, throughout the Great Britain Island, Northern Europe and the Balkans. Mükyen Law, with its expert solicitors focusing on a wide legal spectrum, comprehends the innovations of business life supported by technological developments and the changing legal practices in this direction; It has adopted the principle of working with a dynamic and professional understanding based on the rule of law. At this point, in parallel with the developing technology, Mükyen Law; Financial Technology (FinTech), crypto money regulations and the technological future of money has also taken the legal leadership role of our country's legal community as its mission.

  In order to provide legal consultancy services for the needs of the clients it represents, Mükyen Law aims to analyze and minimize the legal risks that may arise against our clients with consultancy services in all dispute processes as well as during the dispute. Our principle, which includes these preventive and foresight processes, creates serious gains for our clients.

Expertise & Services

Mükyen Law provides the highest quality services to its clients in all the fields of law that you can find below. Thanks to Mükyen Law, all your disputes are resolved with the help of expert solicitors of the related field of law.

Criminal Law | Mükyen Law

Criminal Law

Corporate Law | Mükyen Law

Corporate Law

Business Law | Mükyen Law

Labour Law

IT Law | Mükyen Law

IT Law

Energy Law | Mükyen Law

Energy Law

E-Commerce Law | Mükyen Law

E-Commerce Law

Contracts Law | Mükyen Law

Contracts Law

Administrative Law | Mükyen Law

Administrative Law

Real Estate Law | Mükyen Law

Real Estate Law

Inheritance Law | Mükyen Law

Inheritance Law

Law of Obligations | Mükyen Law

Law of Obligations

Family Law | Mükyen Law

Family Law

Financial Technologies Law | Mükyen Law

Financial Technologies Law

International Law | Mükyen Law

International Law

Maritime Law | Mükyen Law

Maritime Law

Competition Law | Mükyen Law

Competition Law