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Barış Mükyen

Founder Lawyer

The Founder of Mükyen Law, Barış Mükyen | Mükyen Law

  Mükyen Law founder lawyer, entrepreneur and investor, Barış Mükyen was born in 1991. He completed his primary and secondary education in Turkey with great success.

  Then he successfully graduated from English Econometrics department in 2014. In parallel with the intersection of the digitalizing world and finance, he carried out digitalization and branding studies for many companies abroad. Our founder, who completed the Near East University Faculty of Law in a period of 3 years in parallel with the intensity of his business life, specializes in Construction Law, Real Estate Law and CMB Law with his experience.In addition, he evaluates international relations and experiences in the field of foreigners' law. He is the supporter of many foundations and non-governmental organizations in Africa and Turkey.


Near East University - Law

Cukurova University - Econometrics

Areas of Expertise

Construction Law, Real Estate Law, CMB Law, FinTech Law, Criminal Law, Foreigners Law, IT Law, Sports Law



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